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New B.C. Strata Rules Empower Homeowners with Access to EV Charging Stations

Enhancing Strata Living with Convenient Electric Vehicle Charging

In a significant move, the British Columbia government has introduced new rules that streamline the process for homeowners within strata developments to request electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These regulations, effective immediately, provide clarity on the procedure for homeowners to make such requests and set specific timelines for strata corporations to respond.

Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon emphasized the importance of ensuring that the absence of EV charging access should not deter individuals from choosing strata living, often considered a more affordable housing option. These regulations align with the province’s commitment to accelerating the transition to zero-emission and electric vehicles.

Key Highlights with “Power My Home”:

  1. Response Timeline: The regulations establish a specific timeline within which strata corporations must respond to a homeowner’s request for an EV charging station. This ensures a prompt and efficient process, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.
  2. Exclusive Parking Permissions: Strata now has the authority to grant an owner exclusive use of a parking stall for up to five years if the installation of an EV charging station is in response to the owner’s request. This ensures convenient and dedicated parking for EV owners.
  3. Supporting Clean Energy Solutions with “Power My Home”: The regulations mandate strata to obtain an electrical planning report to prepare for necessary upgrades to accommodate low-carbon energy solutions, including EV charging. This move aligns with the recent legislation aimed at expediting the adoption of clean-energy vehicles. Explore more about clean energy at Power My Home.

Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation, highlighted that the surge in electric vehicle adoption in British Columbia necessitates such proactive measures. B.C. passed legislation last month to expedite the transition to zero-emission and electric vehicles.

Electrical Planning Reports:

The regulations require strata to obtain an electrical planning report to facilitate upgrades for low-carbon energy solutions, including EV charging infrastructure. This proactive approach enables strata corporations to plan for associated costs and operations linked to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Voting Threshold Adjustment:

Part of Bill 22, the Strata Property Amendment Act, introduces a reduction in the voting threshold from three-quarters to a majority for approving decisions related to EV charging equipment.

Regional Implementation:

The deadlines for obtaining electrical planning reports are being phased in over three years. Strata in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Greater Victoria are expected to have reports by late 2026, while other areas have until late 2028.

These regulations reflect a balanced solution, according to Tony Gioventu, CEO of the Condominium Home Owners Association, addressing the needs of owners desiring electric vehicles and charging facilities.

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