Royer Batteries Micro Series 12V 310 AH Lithium Battery (LiFePo4)

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Much more than just a battery. Locally made and designed for colder climates with built-in automatic heating. Smart Bluetooth BMS System included. Power and convenience come together in this versatile Battery. Our smart Bluetooth BMS lets you know what’s going on at all times which comes standard with all units. LiFePO4 is some of the longest-lasting and safest lithium chemistries. Tiny-12Volt is capable of up to 4 series and 4 paralleled batteries connected together. This system can be used for RV or Boat house batteries, Tiny houses/homes, hunting cabins or trailers, emergency backup power, and a shipping container. Solar applications like mobile fuel stations etc.

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  • Built-in Automatic Heating
  • Smart BMS
  • 10-year warranty
  • Capacity: 310 Amp Hours 4.0 kWh Nominal Capacity*
  • 3000 – 5000 cycles
  • 24V/36V/48V Available as well

3 reviews for Royer Batteries Micro Series 12V 310 AH Lithium Battery (LiFePo4)

  1. James D

    Replaced 6 batteries with just one of these. It has more power than them and has performed well so far. Could not be happier.

  2. Mike Wickman

    Amazing technology and product all together. I love how you can turn OFF and ON power to equipment from the app on your phone.
    Also, you can see temperature inside via sensors and current draws. Nothing like I seen before. Thank you guys for offering free delivery.

  3. Nnorm

    Just received deliveries of these puppies 2 days ago. Super easy to install and very light.
    Royer Batteries done a great job on keeping the design simple and deliver on what’s important like heating and Smart BMS.
    Thank you guys!!
    Norm M.

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