Samlex EVO-4024 – Samlex EVOLUTION Series Inverter-Chargers



Manufacturer’s Part Number:
Part Type:
Product Line:
DXE Part Number:
Maximum Continuous Power:
4,000 watts
Connections to Distribution Panel:
Surge Capability:
9,000 watts
Number of AC Receptacles:
Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit:
Sold individually.
Single phase 120v device. Not designed for integration into 120/240V distribution panels.

Samlex EVOLUTION Series Inverter-Chargers

EVOLUTION Series Inverter-Chargers include a pure sine wave inverter, adaptive battery charger and transfer relay – All in ONE unit. Samlex Evolution Series Inverter-Chargers provide reliable AC power wherever it’s needed. They’re great for use with boats, RVs, remote cabins and specialty vehicles; as well as alternative energy, back-up and emergency power applications.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Samlex EVOLUTION (EVO) inverter/chargers operate at 165 million instructions per second with lightning fast load and response times. They have 9 points of physical protection monitoring (being scanned up to 10,000 times per second) to detect fault conditions and protect themselves in a vast range of adverse environments.

* AC Inputs:
Two separate AC inputs – one for grid (priority #1), one for generator (priority #2), connect simultaneously, no need to reconfigure when different power sources are available.

Generator Input is specifically designed to have more tolerance for distortion, prevents unnecessary “rejection of AC input and switch to inverter” by tolerating distorted wave forms that can be produced by generators.

Each AC input is programmable for voltage and frequency. User determines the min and max thresholds to switch from Grid or Generator to Inverter.
Generator start can be initiated by “Status Relay” contact, can be programmed to activate when grid is lost.

* Solar Input
Connect a solar charge controller directly to the EVO though the Battery Charger external DC input. Seamlessly integrate solar charging.

ONLINE Mode can be used to prioritize Batteries/Inverter over the grid, ideal for operating primarily on solar power (when the grid is available, but might be costly).

* Battery Charger
3 or 4 stage charging with Equalization (must be manually initiated). Adaptive algorithm is used during Bulk to assess battery condition. Subsequent stages are then based on the condition of the battery rather than pre-set time periods for Absorption and Float. Prevents unnecessary charging, extends the life of batteries. Programmable; set battery voltage thresholds to initiate charging.

* Transfer Switch
Zero transfer time switched from Inverter to Grid. When the grid comes on, the inverter synchronizes with the wave form and then transfers instantly at zero crossing. Less than 16ms transfer when going from Grid to Inverter. When grid is lost, the transfer relay switches to inverter at the correct place in the wave form, the transfer takes less than 16ms.

* Surge Capacity (Power Boost)
The EVO has 3X surge power! Additionally, the EVO has large power overload allowances available for long periods of time. Increased inverter capacity means you can size your inverter smaller to handle heavy surge loads, reducing costs.

* State-of-the-Art Technology
EVOs operate at 165 million instructions per second producing lightning fast load and response times. They are practically indestructible because of 9 physical points of protection monitoring being scanned up to 10,000 times per second for adverse conditions. EVOs will detect fault conditions and initiate a healthy shutdown before any product damage can be done.

An EVO-RC remote control (sold separately) may be used to capture detailed EVO performance data. It records all detected faults and the conditions leading up to faults. Data is stored on a removable 16GB SD Card (in the remote). Use data to analyze trends for more efficient use of system resources.

EVOs use five temperature sensors placed throughout the unit to determine operation of 2 speed controlled cooling fans. Reduces unnecessary fan noise and energy consumption by only running when and where the fans are needed.

Samlex EVOLUTION Series Inverter-Chargers intelligently integrate an AC Inverter, Battery Charger and Transfer Relay into an advanced and affordable off-grid power solution. They are now available from DX Engineering!


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