Firman 2,100 W Gas Powered Inverter Generator W01781

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  • 2,100 W start / 1,700 W run
  • 80 cc Firman engine


SERIES: Whisper
TYPE: Inverter

With this series of FIRMAN portable generators, you can now enjoy the great outdoors when you are out and about.

The FIRMAN W01781 portable inverter generator is a camper’s must-have — a mobile solution for your off-grid cabin adventures. This makes it an ideal option for those who enjoy camping, tailgating, or just want a power supply for their recreational activities.

FIRMAN will be a great companion and assist you no matter what you may encounter during your daily events or occasional home needs.

The W01781 comes with an engine oil bottle, oil funnel, spark plug wrench, screwdriver, and 12V battery cable.


2 reviews for Firman 2,100 W Gas Powered Inverter Generator W01781

  1. powermyhome

    I had a hard time starting it sometimes but runs really well and has an excellent warranty through the manufacturer.

  2. David Morrison

    Great Machine

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