Micro 12V 320Ah Smart Heated LiFePO4 Battery (4.1kWh)


  • Lightest
  • Smallest
  • High Capacity
  • Full Depth Of Discharge
  • 10 Full Year Warranty
  • Smart Bluetooth
  • Built-in Heater
  • Unlimited Customer Support

Size: 12.6″ x 7.7″ x 11.5

Weight: 64lbs

Spec Sheet


There is no comparison. The smallest and lightest 4.1kWh of battery power you can get and it is built in Canada. Our Micro 12V 320Ah battery uses a smart Bluetooth BMS which lets you know what’s going on at all times as well as automatic built-in heating. We use LiFePO4 chemistry which is some of the longest-lasting and safest lithium chemistries.


Using four of our high capacity 3.2V 320Ah (4.1kWh) prismatic cells translates into a more reliable battery with fewer parts and Zero issues. Our cells are designed to use the full depth of discharge giving maximum capacity when required. You always have the option (through Bluetooth) to change the charging and discharging parameters to a 20%-90% cycle to extend the lifetime of the battery further. Compared to lead acid, lithium offers more than 2x the usable power per rated Ah due to depth of discharge. To put it in perspective, just one (1) Micro 12V 320Ah battery replaces the usable energy of six (6) golf cart batteries (6V 225Ahr).

Cycle Life

A cycle is the complete charge and discharge of the battery. If you use half the capacity and charge up, its 1/2 cycle. For these batteries, if you use a full cycle daily, it will be 8-13.5 years until you realize a 20% capacity loss. This means with the 320Ah, after 3000 – 5000 cycles you would still have up to 256Ah (3.28kWh) of usable power left. The battery can easily have a useful life of more than 10,000 cycles or 25 years in most applications. This is the only battery you will need, which is why we include our 10-year warranty, but you can expect it to run much longer. Our cases are easily accessed to diagnose/replace parts after the warranty ensuring you are never left with a large, heavy paperweight.

Smart BMS

Lithium batteries require a battery management system (BMS) to ensure proper voltage and temperature cut-offs. Separating our batteries from other lithium batteries is our smart Bluetooth BMS. It allows users to set parameters of charging and discharging, monitor real-time usage, see available power left, and turn on and off the battery all from a phone. Since you’re able to turn off the battery with one click, you can more safely install, transport, and turn off your system. The best practice is to always treat the battery as ‘ON” even if turned off. The BMS has automatic high/low temp and voltage cut-offs to maximize your battery life.


LiFePO4 chemistry normally cannot be charged at 0 °C or discharged at -20 °C. Our batteries come with built-in automatic heating that maintains a temperature above 5 °C. Regardless of your battery location and climate, your battery will work. If the battery is turned off via the app or hard switch, the heater is turned off. We suggest turning off the battery when disconnected and in storage. Our heater uses very little power to keep everything warm but if there are no inputs it can drain the battery (the cutoffs will still apply so no damage will be done).

Amp Rates

Our smart BMS is rated to output 200A continuous with a 400A peak (10 seconds) and charging up to 200A. Recommended charging is 50-100A for the highest life of the battery. By paralleling units, you can multiply amperage rates by the number of paralleled batteries. Please gauge your wiring accordingly to account for your expected loads.


The most important aspect of all our batteries is safety. LiFePO4 is one of the safest lithium chemistries and will not catch on fire like other li-ion batteries. There is no venting or maintenance required with these batteries. Storage losses are under 3% per month so you can leave the battery dormant for long periods without issues. Our smart BMS has internal cutoffs for shorting and too high of loads but always fuse your systems as if these features are not in place.

Size/Weight (12.6″ x 7.7″ x 11.5 64lbs)

There is no lighter or smaller battery per kWh. Our batteries are made using the smallest size case possible. The lead-acid equivalent would be 6x heavier and larger. Most other lithium batteries are 20-50% heavier and larger footprint. This battery can be oriented however you need to fit in your battery space. On these batteries, we use a thick metal casing with removable handles. Our batteries are not IP rated and should not be exposed to rain or water at any time.

Series/Parallel (4S/4P)

Our Micro 12V 320Ah is capable of up to 4 series and 4 paralleled batteries. We offer the Micro 24V 320Ah for higher voltage systems.

If you’re not sure about what you need or need more info please call/text us at 778-654-2694


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