Stark AGM Battery SRK-125, 12V 125Ah

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This 125 Ah, 12V battery from Stark Energy ensures minimal voltage drop and more power availability when you need it most.

Features of the Stark SRK-125AGM:

  • Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery.
  • Can ship via Purolator and approved for air transport.
  • Individually boxed for safe transport right to your worksite

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Stark AGM Battery SRK-125, 12V 125Ah


Stark Energy AGM batteries are built with the harshness of the Canadian climate in mind; the Stark SRK-125AGM continues to operate at -40C. They are spillproof and easy to transport. Their advanced absorbed glass-matt design (AGM) ensures that the electrolyte stays close to the battery plates, and recombines gases during charging, allowing Starks to be sealed, maintained free and spill-proof construction.

The key benefit to the Starks AGM batteries over competitive brands is the improved cycle life. Stark’s offer:

    • 1. Cycle life to 100% DOD: Stark 25% Better (>300)
    • 2. Cycle life to 50% DOD: Stark is 50% Better (>900)

Starks offers a better life and longer trouble-free operation than their competitors. Just compare the specification sheets – if they don’t talk cycle life, they are a light-duty battery!


2 reviews for Stark AGM Battery SRK-125, 12V 125Ah

  1. Michael LitRoss

    We bought 4 of the Stark 125AH AGM for our RV this year and they out-performed brand new batteries from polar that we bought and returned due to an internal short in one of the cells.
    “Salena & Michael”

  2. Trevor

    Love these batteries, maintenance-free and they are totally safe indoors in our sailboat.
    “Rachelle Simarda”

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